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Cumulative charts show the flow of cards from your Trello board

The less work in progress – the less time in of development. A company becomes more flexible and can respond to changes faster.

Charts for Trello

Turn your numbers
into pictures

Trello helps you get the job done.
Vizydrop for Trello helps to visualize the progress.

Charts for Trello by Vizydrop - Visualize data from your boards, CSV, and other apps | Product Hunt Embed

Visualize your flow

Enable the Charts by Vizydrop Power-Up in Trello and effortlessly choose which chart is important for you from a list of predefined templates.

All boards, all members

Compare data from different boards in one place. Any members of your team can explore data and create their own charts.

Charts from files, URLs and other apps

Create charts from files, links, PostgreSQL tables, and other apps in the same way and in one place. Visualize your custom data by building connectors using simple API.

Flexible and powerful editor

Vizydrop charts are not hardcoded. The powerful and flexible editor helps you modify visualizations in a simple way.

Explore data

Data browser and data reveal allow you to drill down into data with just a few clicks.

Share your progress with the world

Share your created visualizations with colleagues, friends, your mom, and the whole world.

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About us

While developing Targetprocess we tried out several visualization services, but ended up deciding to make our own. That's why you can be sure that every feature we create has come from the most demanding user: us.